Test 101

Testing, testing, 1 –2 – 3. Every day in America, a test of one type or another is being taken, administered, and often fretted over. Some tests reveal everything, while others reveal nothing. We might be tested on our knowledge or abilities and we might be tested on our ability to gain knowledge. Kids take tests in school everyday, while seniors undergo tests in hospitals and everybody and anything in between is tested in a variety of ways with regular frequency.

There are environmental tests and there are drug tests. There are tests we take for fun like personality tests and there are tests we take seriously such as employment tests. The information here is centered around all types of tests and why we take them, give them and even why some exist.

You can read about testing your home for water quality or radon and you can read about a variety of medical tests that you might have to undergo one day. Learn about pregnancy tests in case your trying to have a child, and then read about how to help them study for tests once you do.

The information here is devoted to all sorts of tests, though certainly not all types of tests. Read for fun or read for information. In the end, it doesn’t really matter as long as you’ve found out something you didn’t already know. Read what you want - and don’t worry, none of it will be on the test.

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